Sunday, October 04, 2009

I wanna hug Allah!

This morning I went to buy some clothing for my kids at Walmart, Southkeys. Only Maryam followed, Aimi and Aiman preferred to stay at home. So she sat in front next to me. While I was driving, the following conversation happened between Maryam and me.

Maryam (M): Baba baba! Tadi kan, Maryam tolak Aiman.
(Baba, just now I pushed Aiman).
Baba (B): Kenapa Maryam tolak Aiman?
(Why did you pushed him?)
M: Sebab dia buat... dia buat...
(Because he did... he did...)
B: Maryam tak boleh la tolak Aiman
(Maryam, you should not push Aiman)
M: Kenapa?
(But why?)
B: Nanti Allah marah!
(Because Allah will be angry!)
M: Tak nak Allah marah, takut Allah!
(I don't want Allah to be angry, I'm afraid of Allah)
Baba, nak hug!!!
(Baba, I wanna hug!)
B: Maryam, baba tengah bawa kereta, tak boleh hug sekarang. Nanti dah sampai baba hug Maryam.
(Maryam, I'm driving right now, so I cannot hug you. Later when we arrive I'll give you a hug immediately)
M: Bukan, Maryam tak nak hug baba. Maryam nak hug Allah. Mana Allah? Nak hug Allah. Sayang Allah.
(No, I don't wanna hug you, I wanna hug Allah - where is He? I wanna hug Him. I love Allah)
B: Ohh... ok. Maryam jadi good girl, jangan tolak-tolak Aiman, nanti Allah sayang. Ok?
(Oh, I see. You have to be a good girl - don't push Aiman anymore, then Allah will love you)
M: Hmm... ok.

This conversation shall be among those things that I really want to keep it safely in my memory, so that I can exactly recall back this memory when she grows up... For the first time, she told me that she's afraid of Allah, she wanna hug and love Allah. Oh Allah! Among the things that I really want, is to make my kids to know You, love You and revere You, nothing else except You! So help me God...


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