Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movie Night at Maryam's school

Salam to all. Seems like it was aeon ago since my last writing. Such a long sleep full of dreams. Perhaps I am trying my best to follow the footsteps of Zhuge Liang - a.k.a. Kong Ming - enjoying the long sleep!

I just got back from movie night at Maryam's school. Initially I didn't want to go, since I am not really into movies and stuff. Yet, I don't know what is a movie night actually. Two days ago Maryam brought a note from her teacher, inviting the family for movie night this evening. In the note, the teacher asked us to wear pyjamas and bring our blankets, pillows and cushions. I thought that we would be seated on chairs in the school gym and watch the movie just like in the cinema. Yet I was wrong. Everyone is free to either sit on chair or just spread out the blanket and sit with your family. It was nice! All the kids were running freely before the movie starts. Maryam was so happy to meet her friends and they watched the movie together, while Aiman prefers to lie down on the blanket near to mama and me. The movie shown was 'Despicable Me.' Nice. Second time for me. I watched it the first time during one of my long journeys between Kuala Lumpur and Ottawa, couldn't really recall which one.

The school put up a small counter selling popcorns, drinks, coffee, chocolate bars and other stuff. Everything was priced at a dollar only. After the movie was over, the whole gymnasium was in a mess. One thing that really amazed me was seeing the principal himself sweeping the floor and cleaning up the gymnasium. Something that I didn't see during my school time. Something that we, Muslims, somehow lost it from our life. A leader must serve the people. We read in our historical books about some very pious caliphs, the top rulers of huge empire and in charge of thousand of strong army - yet they live a humble life and really serve the people in a true sense. Sadly we rarely see this nowadays in the Muslim commnunity. Salute to you Mr. Principal!