Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lessons of the Past

A LIFETIME has gone by fighting, fuming, biting;
A lifetime has gone by accusing, annoying, abusing;
Thousands of lives have fallen by the way-side
And thousand more have been swept away by the tide
Of bitterness, barbarism, brutality
And still many an eye is bloodshot
And many a heart bloodthirsty
On both sides of the boarder:
Still vehemence, fanaticism, ferocity
Move many a one
And evil minds can do what they’ve often done
Refusing to learn even the simple law of self-interest
Unless browbeaten by the West
Which always has a game to play;
But, as they say, hope springs internal in the human breast
And who knows, wisdom may dawn one day
For miracles to happen
So let’s learn from earlier causes
And build upon these hopeful noises.

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