Saturday, September 27, 2008

My Special Last Days of Ramadhan 1429 H

Aiman was very sick. It all started last month, a week before Ramadhan, when he had fever, then came cough plus lots of mucus. And since last month we had sleepless nights. Aiman could not sleep because of the cough. It was painful for us to see our 4-month baby suffering from severe coughing. We went to consult our general physician twice within two weeks, but it was fruitless. This is not a normal cough. This must be something else.

So we brought Aiman to Dato' Dr. Azizi Haji Omar, consultant paediatrician and paediatric chest physician cum medical director of Damansara Specialist Hospital. He confirmed that Aiman may suffer from asthma if he is not treated quickly. "Throw away all the perfumes that you have in your house, let Allah's natural air come in." So we took his advice and prescription, and alhamdulillah, within one week Aiman's condition improved. After one week, we went to see him again, and Aiman has fully recovered. Everyone was happy.

However, on Friday, September 19, Aiman had a strong fever. We tought that this is just another fever. So the next day we went to Shah Alam as planned. Saturday afternoon, Aiman's condition worsens. The cough came back, plus the mucus. And his breath was weak and short. We decided to take him to a clinic nearby and give him a nebulizer. At the clinic, even the nurse on duty didn't have the heart to put Aiman with the nebulizer. I had to do it. That night Aiman's breathe improved a bit. Sunday morning, Aiman became very weak. His breath was short, and it seems that he didn't have the energy to breath. We called Dr. Azizi and informed him of the situation. He advised us to quickly come to the hospital and admit Aiman into the ward. However, he was not on duty that day.

We rushed back to Kuala Lumpur. Aiman slept all the way, and his breathing improved a little. That afternoon my wife went to the hospital with Aiman. The doctor on duty asked her to admit Aiman into the ward today, but we had to refuse since Maryam will be looking for her mother. However, we promised that we will come to the hospital every four hours to put Aiman on the nebulizer.

Monday morning, nothing much improved. We had no choice but to admit Aiman into the ward after Dr. Azizi himself asked us to do so. He said that it would be better since the nurses will make sure that Aiman receive his medication on time and he will be able to use the nebulizer frequently. He confirmed that Aiman had been infected with bronchitis, and this has nothing to do with the previous coughs that Aiman suffered before. Aiman's lungs were infected with a virus that is causing him trouble to breath and produces lots of mucus and coughs.

So I had to take one week off and cancel all classes. The whole family resided in the hospital for six days. My wife, Maryam and me. The doctor however allowed us to leave for iftar at 6:30 p.m. and come back at 9:00 p.m.

On Wednesday, Dr. Azizi told us that Aiman's bronchitis has stabilized, and his lungs are improving. It just that there is still a lot of mucus in his nose. The mucus is causing the coughs. Three times the nurses sucked out his mucus, and it was so painful that his crying can be heard in the whole ward!

On that day also, Maryam had a cold. Same sypmtoms with Aiman. Thursday morning, I quickly brought her to Dr. Azizi's attention. One is enough. He suspect that Maryam may also suffer from bronchitis if she is not treated quickly. Luckily older kids have better immune system.

Saturday, September 27, Dr. Azizi allowed Aiman to be discharged from the ward. His lungs are ok, but the mucus is still there. The cough will go away in about two weeks. Maryam is also improving. Alhamdulillah!

My million thanks to Dr. Azizi, nurses and staff of Damansara Specialist Hospital, plus all those who helped us through these turbulent times. May Allah bless you!

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