Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Maryam's Language Part II

First Alphabets:
1. B
2. I
Object Words:
1. Bu-lai (bulan, moon in English, while pointing her index finger to the sky)
2. Bintang (star - pronounced correctly)
3. Loyy (Lorry)
4. Metto (Motorcycle)
5. Air-plane (Aeroplane)
6. Beg
Command Words:
1. Sit Down
2. Nak naik (I wanna go upstairs)
3. Pegang (hold it!)
4. Jom balik (Let's go home)
5. Habish (habis - finish)
6. Ba-bab (pukul - I'll hit you)
7. Mee-num (drink it)
Baby words:
1. Baby
2. Bay-besh (diapers - time to change it!)
3. Shu-shu (susu - milk)
4. Shuuuuh (while holding her index finger in front of her mouth - keep quiet, my brother is sleeping, and I'm the only person allowed to make noise)
5. Na-nish (nangis - cry)
Animal words
1. Betty (cat, originally Betty is the name of her grandma's cat in Penang, but she end up calling all cats Betty)
2. Shuh! (go away cat! - whenever she see a cat or if someone mentions Betty in front of her)
3. Bird
4. Koo-koo (if someone mentions bird near her)
Best Word: Baa Baba (latest version of I love Baba!)

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