Sunday, August 02, 2009

Children in Masjid Part III

Event 3:
People were praying in the masjid. Suddenly while prostrating, one kid climbed behind the imam.

If this happens in Malaysia... Oh my God! If this happens in Malaysia, I belief the imam or someone who pray near the imam will hit the kid and push him until he fall! Then the imam will call for the father, and scold him to teach his kid to behave (Kurang ajar punya budak!). The father will be asked to leave the masjid with his kid, and told that his kid is not welcomed until he can behave! Or maybe the imam, while prostrating, will just ignore the kid and lift his head, no matter what happens to the kid - he might just fell off, but who cares! How dare you climb behind the imam, do you think that I'm a horse?

But it happened in the past...

It was narrated that Shaddad-bin-Aws, May Allah be pleased with him, said:

"(One day), the Prophet, peace be upon him, came in, at the time of one of the two evening prayers, carrying Al Hassan or Al Hussein. Then, the Prophet, peace be upon him, went forward, laid the small kid aside, and he started praying. During the prayer, he made one of his prostrations so long that I raised my head (up from the prostration position on the ground). I found the small kid mounting on the back of the Prophet, peace be upon him. So, I lowered my head down again (continued the prostration). After the Prophet, peace be upon him, ended the prayer, the companions asked: "Messenger of Allah, we have noticed that one of the prostrations was so long, that we thought there was something unusual, or that you were receiving revelation (of some Qur'an)." "All that did not happen", was the Prophet's reply, adding: "My grandson was mounting on my back, and I did not like to rush the kid before getting enough of what he likes."

Narrated by al-Nasa'i, sahih according to al-Albaniy. The kids were allowed to play behind the Prophet's back until they were satsified. Something almost impossible to happen in any masjid in Malaysia, I belief.

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