Sunday, November 09, 2008

Jiranku Indonesia V

Apart from U.S. Presidential Election, another big issue was the death sentence upon the three individuals who were found guilty of the 2002 Bali bombings. The main reason for the tight security at the hotel and elsewhere in Jakarta.

I had a hard time trying to explain the issue to my wife. Apparently she (and a lot others) strongly support them, and it was really hard for me to convince her that their action is questionable. We cannot just explode bombs upon civilians. This is forbidden, and it will make us no different than those cowards who drop bombs from high above onto civilians. Emotionally speaking, of course I support them also. No one can accept all these atrocities committed by the West upon our beloved brothers in Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq and many more. They deserve it!

Although emotions should never interfere in our judgments between truth and falsehood, it should somehow make us feel sympathy and pray that the three of them will be forgiven by Allah. They did something for the religion with good intention, though the mean is questionable; and it seems that they spent the last period of their lives with nothing but good behavior.

Still I failed to convince my wife. It seems she has such a great love to our Muslim brothers, such that she cannot stand seeing the West bullying them. I believe she is not alone. Many other Muslims share her feelings also. This hatred is the result of the Western policies that are always biased against Muslims. If they ignore the Muslims and refuse to change, then be prepared to face this situation more often.

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