Friday, April 13, 2007

Iran and Syi'ah

Mishal: What do you think of Iran?

Muhammad: Why? What’s with Iran?

Mishal: Well, lately it seems that they want to be looked as the real defender of Islam. I used to praise them more than Saudi and other Muslim countries until I discovered the reality of Syi’ah. Before Islam came, the Persians were the ruler of the world. They used to lead the world and other civilizations looked them as the main source of reference in all fields of life: knowledge, politics and social order. But when Islam came, the Persians lost their role as reference since the Arabs now have become their master. All other civilizations started to shift their reference from Persia to Arabic Damascus, Baghdad, Cordoba and others. So they will not be able to challenge Arabs as the main reference of Islam, but they still want to be looked upon as leader in something. So Syi’ah, which was originally political difference among Arabs, provided good opportunity for the Persians to gain their status as a source of reference.

Muhammad: Well said. To me, I think that Syi’ah-Iran claims as the defender of Ahlul Bayt is not more than just a political propaganda. They keep saying that Ali radiyallahu ‘anhu and his descendents are the legitimate rulers of Islam. Now that they’ve got Iran, they should really give the leadership of Iran to members of Ahlul Bayt. How many Ahlul Bayt today are living in despair without help? The Iranian government should officially invites members of Ahlul Bayt into their country, help them and appoint them as leaders; if they are really the defender of Ahlul Bayt.

Mishal: It’s all about politics...

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