Thursday, April 05, 2007

Koen, why don't you check the change?

Koen: Muhammad, why are you so good to me?
Muhammad: Oh, I have to be good not only to you, but also to others. Otherwise God will punish me.
Koen: What if someone did bad things to you?
Muhammad: Oh, it doesn't matter to me. If someone did bad things to me, God will take care of that. My concern is that I have to be good to others so that God will do good things to me in return.
Koen: You guys are crazy. You really in love with God...
Muhammad: Yup, we really love God.
Koen: I don't believe in God.
* * * * *

Muhammad: Did you check the change for the coffee?
Koen: No.
Muhammad: Why? You should've checked. Maybe the waitress did a mistake.
Koen: Oh, it's okay. I don't mind. If she cheats on me, then God will punish her.
Muhammad: I thought you said that you don't believe God.
Koen: Oh, I started to belief Him a little bit.

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Taufik said...

Semoga Allah bagi Koen hidayah