Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Mongol King Who Remade China

Why there was no update? Oh yes, I was busy reading John Man's Kublai Khan - the Mongol King Who Remade China. Interesting story, if just John Man avoid from interfering in the story with his own adventures. In his writings, it seems that Kublai owes a lot from Muslim intellects that together with Chinese form the backbone in his administration in China. If not for his wise mother, Kublai would never be made the Great Khan and later the first foreigner to conquer and rule China.

By the way, Tibet was actually an independent state until Kublai conquered it and made it part of his empire. Since the Mongolian King also claimed the Imperial Throne of China, then Kublai is a Chinese emperor and Tibet is part of China, although today Mongolia the original home of the Kublai is not.

Politic is so complicated!

p/s: Movie pasal Kublai Khan mesti lagi best dari Harry Si Pembuat Pasu dan Putera Berdarah Separuh (Harry Potter and Half-Blood Prince)... hahaha! Siapalah yang suka tengok movie pasal Raja Gemuk ni.

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