Thursday, July 30, 2009

RM 5 Investment

It's so sudden. Last Saturday night, while praying at the masjid, I realized that I have such a huge responsibility. I started to ask a question to myself: What do I want my kids to be? Or, to be specific, what is the first thing that I want them to know? And when does I want it?

Maryam is two years old, while Aiman is one. I have been spending about a week attending religious classes at Masjid Al-Taqwa in TTDI, and now I realized that all of those who attend the religious classes are old people. The youngsters are nowhere to be seen. I did not realize this when I was a student at IIUM since the masjid is always full with students, even for religious classes. Now, before it's too late, I think I need to start teaching my kids about God now. They need to know their God soonest. Otherwise it will be too late.

My kids shall be my greatest investment for my Hereafter. They must be good servants of Allah. In order for that to happen, I need to introduce them to God, and there is no choice but to teach them Arabic. So that night I went to the grocery shop, bought a marker and poster card for only RM 5. That shall be my first capital that I shall invest. I shall teach them the Arabic letters, even if only one letter per day. That would be easy for Maryam. Aiman can wait for another year. As soon as I arrived home, I made one poster with Arabic letters, and one flashcard of them. Specially designed for my kids.

Maryam can sing a lot of songs, while Aiman starts to sing also (in his own language). Well, hopefully it's not too late to put more interest for Al-Quran in Maryam's heart than songs.

Pray that my investment shall be profitable!

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Akak cun said...

InsyaaAllah, dkt surau dar as-sunnah ada kelas mengaji utk budak2 kecik. akak penah p sekali dkt lisgar st hari sabtu. budak semuda 3 tahun diajar mengaji secara hafazan. the kids are thought in more relaxing way. siap ada makan talam lepas tu.