Monday, June 23, 2008

At Your Service!

Location: Graduate Students' Association Office, Level 6 University Center, Carleton University. Time: Lunch hours. People: Mr. Z and Mr. M. Classmate, post-grad Economics. Mr. Z - very smart and hardworking, from C. Mr. I - the don't know guy, from M. Note: This conversation took place two years ago. They were discussing on what to do after completing their studies while enjoying lunch.

Mr. Z: I want to look for a job and live here. There is a vast opportunity for people like us.

Mr. I: I want to go back to my country and teach.

Mr. Z: Academics? Get a life please... or at least, stay and teach here. I believe the pay will be higher than your country and mine as well.

Mr. I: Yes, you're right. The salary here is higher compared to my country. However, I still want to go back. I want to serve my people. I think you should do that also. Now is the time for us to go back and improve our people's conditions.

Mr. Z: I don't think I can do that alone. My country is too big and there are too many people. All of them only care about their own life. How can I bring prosperity to the people and the country? Only emperors and presidents can do that since they possess authority.

Mr. I: My friend, you don't have to be a politician in order to serve your people. That's why I choose to be a teacher back in my country. I know that I don't have the ability or the willingness to be a politician. Therefore, hopefully by being a good teacher, I can inject good values to my students there. Students are the future of the people. Every year, if you are able to teach 10 students, imagine in five years there will be 50 good leaders and professionals who are honest and hardworking in your country. What if you teach 100 students per year?

Mr. Z: I guess you're right. I don't understand why people from your country always think about others. I hope that one day the people of my country will be more like your people.

Mr. I: Altruism? Maybe... you don't know my people yet, hahaha!

Aftermath: Both Mr. Z and Mr. I decided not to end their studies in the near future...


Taufik said...

yee... haha.. ke kat usm? tak pa la, mana-mana je la.

Seri Negara said...

This conversation took place at Carleton la... Maybe I'll continue serving UIAM.