Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Simple Respect From You, Professor!

A simple respect, that is what we are asking from you. In academic world that is becoming increasingly competitive, and as we have always argued that free market is the best thing, no one should be blamed if some of us decided to leave and accept the most attractive offer. As academician, we must practice what we preach. What more if you are a professor, since a professor is highly respected in the society.

So please, whenever you leave to join other institutions, please vacate your office. A simple respect. There are other staff who need it. Junior staff who has come to fill in the position that has become available because a senior staff left. Otherwise, there will not be enough staff to cater the needs of the students and we don't want to cause trouble to our students. If you don't have the manpower to clear your 'grand archive', then pay a moving company to help you. If you feel that the rate is too high, just find some students and pay them. Surely they won't ask a higher rate than the moving company. Finally, if you still cannot do that, inform the department that you are not able to clean your office and anything left are free for anyone who wants it. The cleaners will come and clean it for you then.

Again, please don't let your office become a storage room after you have left. It's a misuse of public resources, and remember you'll be asked about it in front of Allah later. After all, we always preach Islamic Economics as the best economic system. I just say what others have raised in our meetings and talks.


kak zidah said...

Assalamualaikum wbh,

guess you are back to working world. Lembu anda ada kat kami skrg ni, Pensyarah/Researcher UTM ucap terimakasih kerana bg pinjam lembu utk dia dan adik dia bergerak shopping2 dan hantaq balik airport. Nanti kami pulang balik kat Mishal bila mak dia mai. Macamana keputusan menyambung ilmiah? dah ada kata putuih ka belum? senang nak buat urusan jualbeli. btw, terimakasih dgn barang2 dpr. akak distribute kat kengkawan kat sini, boleh sama2 merasa.

Seri Negara said...

Wa'alaykumussalam. Alhamdulillah, now I'm back at IIUM. Apparently this year's quota for study leave is already full, so I can only go next year. Probably end of December I'll go back to Ottawa for Winter Semester. The problem is that the cow's plate and insurance expire in August this year. If possible akak sambungkan dulu, nanti claim kat blank cheque tu. Aimi and the kids will join me in September 2009.