Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Other than Palestine...


What is it? Well, tonight I prayed Maghrib and Isyak at a masjid in Kuala Lumpur. There was a weekly lecture after Maghrib, delivered by a quite famous scholar in Klang Valley. I used to listen to his lecture when I was at the Matriculation Center in Petaling Jaya. His lecture is not so bad, but if you have other things to do, better don't waste your time. So I didn't wait for his lecture since I have promised my wife to go to the bank, but I'll come back for Isyak. According to a reliable source that waited for the lecture, the scholar talked about waqf, and as usual he touched on the issue of delivering our Quran recitation to the deceased.

Then we prayed Isyak together. After prayer, as usual the imam read the doa loudly, following the local practice.

What's wrong? Bid'ah? Well, that is weird. But one more thing that really makes me feel weird and my heart painful, is to see how these people - the scholar, and the imam - even if they are really against the arguments of salafi scholars, did not say a thing about the Palestinian issue.

For the scholar, if you have time to attack opinions that say we cannot transfer the rewards of our Quran recitation to the deceased while teaching waqf, at least make the people aware of what is happening in Ghazzah.

As for the imam, when you read the doa loudly for the congregation following the local traditions, please include a plight for the Palestinians.

Our brothers and sisters are suffering. If we cannot fight with them, at least pray for them.

May Allah guide my people!

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